Monday, August 3, 2015


My students love these! They enjoy 'playing teacher' and correcting the sentences! The pages could be used as morning work or as homework.
These 20 printables are for use in your classroom as a reinforcement for sentence structure – punctuation, capitalization, spacing… They also contain high frequency words that are taught in Kindergarten. These pages progress with difficulty as new words are introduced throughout the year.
This activity covers many Common Core Standards in Reading Foundations and Literacy areas - such as L.K.1A, L.K.1D, L.K.1F, L.K.2A-B, RF.K.1B, RF.K.1C....

Your students first find and mark the mistakes by circling them or using a highlighter. Then encourage them to correct the sentence by writing it in its proper form on the line below. 

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Gretchen Ebright

Endless Teaching Ideas

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