Tuesday, November 17, 2015




This is one way that I have decorated my classroom window. It would also work on a wall, door or bulletin board! 
The kiddos and I brainstorm a list of things that remind us of November - football, pumpkin pies, being thankful, autumn.....
I then write each thing on a feather and add it to the turkey that I cut from large brown paper. 
Other years we make a list of things we are thankful for and that is what goes on the feathers. 

The leaves that surround the turkey are made from coffee filters! I love this project! 
Here are the directions to make these colorful leaves:
-Flatten out a coffee filter for each child
-Give the students colorful markers (water-based, not permanent) and have them color the filter with lots of Fall colors. 
-Lay the filter on a tray or table with several paper towels underneath.
-Using a spay bottle filled with water, spray the filters lightly til the colors start to bleed and cover the filter. You may need to lift the filter up and hold it til the colors start to run.
-Too much water will result in a muddy mess
-Let dry
-Then cut the filters into leaf shapes

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